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The Project

The digital age is impacting our lives in ways we’ve never experienced before, and it’s doing so at an accelerating pace.  Digital platforms are at the forefront of this change, as they supply the essential infrastructure and services driving this transformation.

With our “Trusted Health Ecosystems” project, we advocate for the creation of a just and inclusive digital healthcare system.  As part of our commitment to this goal, we’ve developed a vision of a national health platform that fosters inclusive health in the context of trusted digital spaces.

For more information: Trusted Health Ecosystems: Our project approach

The Team

Our interdisciplinary project team, which operates between our locations in Gütersloh and Berlin, collaborates with a variety of experts at other organizations. Together, we aim to establish a trustworthy information architecture for the healthcare sector.

Dr. Sebastian Schmidt-Kaehler
Dr. Inga Münch
Claudia Haschke
Dr. Marko Queitsch
Malte Etienne
Elena Gomez
Esther Grothoff

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